Thursday, April 25, 2013


Good ole Penelope
Purple people-pleaser
She is
Never one to turn down
A chance
To show us around town

Eyes agog
Always open to fun
She is
Engine panting like a dog
After a mile-long chase
With a wide grin on her face

Neither rain nor snow
Nor age nor sun
That is
Slows this feisty
Little lady
Of a VW Beetle down

Photo by Krow 10, Creative Commons, via Flickr.

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Book

In my beginning
I sensed my shadow,
but refused to know it
An onionskin tome,
latched and locked
between hardened covers

Always looking away,
I was convinced:
It was too big
It was too heavy
It was not mine
It was a secret

Like a spectre –it loomed
and other shadows
drew upon it –took of it,
marked and tore its pages
In truth, I failed to defend
this misread book

As its edges grew ragged
and creases pierced me,
I wanted –needed
to unlock those stories
Introduce myself
Unfold my life

I heaved its cover,
let go of difficult words,
embraced each page,
smoothed careless dog-ears,
patched abusive tears,
and learned its purpose
-to serve, to love

Now I see it,
I am convinced:
It is big
I can carry it
It is mine
It is to be shared

Many chapters later,
I am peace-in-progress
I now walk with my shadow
Unfolding new stories
This is me –my life
My book to love
My book of love

Written for Every Day Poems Friday Poetry Prompt "Unfold My Life" via 

The Door

The door seems to say
Begging to be looked at
and yet, be looked past
Flaunting its cheeky hue,
though closed, boasts openly

Don’t dwell on my stoop
The door seems to sway
For you see, those lines
my doorstep betrays
are life’s happy tears
worn proudly, by the way

Never mind my stains
The door humbly conveys
Such beautiful luster
from my dutiful hinges
tells of years of service
keeping me in practice

Oh, forget about my sag!
The door casually bids
For they’ve loosened up
-swung open many a day
to hug those bringing joy
my grateful home’s way

Written for Every Day Poems for their "Image-ine" poetry prompt based on "Purple Door" photo by Patrick Feller, Creative commons, via Flickr
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