Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall's Way

Green leaves await their turn
as their tawny predecessors
prepare to dance farewell
Sunset crawls like a spider among trees
exposing tangled webs of yellow, red, and orange

Darkness extends in arabesque,
blanketing the acquiescent little angels
Soft strains of Time’s orchestra prep their arousal
Poised little danseuses await their queue,
amber to crimson tutus for flirtatious debut

Wind prompts a breezy melody,
swirling the little coryphée coquettes,
interweaving loud whistles in harmony
as each floats off in a cloud of pirouettes

After Fall’s beautiful ballet,
cathedral-like tree arches bow expended frills,
brushing ground to standing ovation
Appreciative Soil beckons an encore
as proud Wind reaps a crescendo of folioles

Sleep, sleep, children of Earth,
gentle Breeze whispers
as each veined-ear of tree leaf
obeys Nature’s cyclical request

Hushed by Winter’s cold hands,
Forest rubs its sleepy eyes
Content trees huddle in anticipation
of the upcoming and peaceful intermission

Friday, September 21, 2012

Red Shoes

At the heart,
a little girl’s dream,
standing high
in heeled red shoes,
takes her miles
into her light
where she is
neither shelved
with those shoes
society imposes,
nor toppled
off the pedestal
status builds
Rather, with each
balanced step, she
rules the stars
that twinkle in
her mother’s eyes

Written for T.S. Poetry/Every Day Poems/Tweetspeak Poetry - September/Image-ine: Red Shoes based on painting by Nicola Slattery at

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Gift

He did not know
from whence it came, 
nor did he seek
to question its aim
He just knew
He had this beast
inside to tame

His soul’s tempo
works in harmony,
plucking chords, from
laughter to tranquility
He just played      
He did not look for fame
It was only his to claim

His fingers strum vigorously
Feelings dance passionately
searching for familiarity
Fortissimo, until pianissimo
They got lost
They did not expect to float
so effortlessly in his melody