Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Childhood: The Biography of a Place

By Grace M. Brodhurst-Davis

Unlike the wide Sargasso Sea
(its fertile underground),
lies in the seat of the soul
No rumors, of water it abounds

Its birds of paradise,
the sounds of poetry
in your dreams,
belong to me
My borderlands -la frontera
The violent bear it away
I taste the wine of astonishment
Such free fire –a raisin in the sun

Things fall apart at
the dyer’s hand
Brother, I’m dying
I see the forgotten waltz

The sugar solution:
three cups of tea, as
fair and tender ladies
praisesong for the widow –Belize

Little big minds rise above
incidents in the life of a slave girl,
member of the whipping club,
in search of lost time

A return to the native land
through the book of awakening
Geography III on the banks
of Plum Creek -I’m freed

A new dawn on rocky ridge
opens the kingdom of this world within
-not unlike a history of Latin America
My childhood: A history of Belize

Found poem, prepared and based on book titles (and book spines) for Tweetspeak Poetry's August Rain Theme/Project:

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  1. I immediately realized all the literary allusions, and it's about Belize. What's not to love? Your style reminds me of Atwood.