Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spanish Lesson

Of all, you’re the one
who should know!
Sor Cristina at the helm
Spanish in her eyes,
blazingly scorched the tears
I dared to shed

Standing, I looked around
at the sea of white uniforms,
then down at black-shoed,
white-socked, trembling feet
-trying for an answer,
though none would dare be uttered
in case of incineration mid-air

I had just tasted the salt of the Caribbean
that splashed outside paned glass doors,
stinging the laceration to my ego
I held on to my solid wood desk
hoping to support my maimed frame

Amidst the loud, stern boom
from her small, structured mouth,
I heard the words disappointed
and  sit down please,
followed by ¡QuĂ© desgracia!

I looked back, over singed heads,
to the rainbowed wall sign
about the granting of serenity
and acceptance of those
things I could not change
So, with courage,
I prepped for my next
session –Religion 101

Written for Every Day Poems - Classroom memories poetry prompt at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=441295359268262&set=a.250609428336857.62979.250601428337657&type=1&theater