Monday, July 23, 2012


By Grace M. Brodhurst-Davis

She clacks and clatters
down hardened, dusty way,
hundreds of tiny seeds
spilling by her sway.
Strings of multicolored beads
encircle her weary neck,
muscled by heavy, hand-woven
basket, plopped atop her cinta,
worn like a million women before her.
She barters harvested maize
and the woman still at the conveyor belt,
whose fingers nudge factory-punched
gold medals that stray,
negotiates an exchange.
Her deal made -a fair trade.
Grinning, her teeth like chiclets,
at loggers moving big rigs
with mechanical arms
on her way home.
The universe has made its preparations,
swirling pigments of the old with
so-called new world.

Written for T.S. Poetry/Every Day Poems/Tweetspeak Poetry - July Mosaics - Found Poem based on "Girl With 13 Necklaces", by Tanya Runyan
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July "Mosaic" winner: 
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